While you’re in our program, we can also help with costs related to getting you back on your feet. We provide financial participation support for items needed for economic stability such as:

  • Clothing
    Attire for interviews and work-related activities once you secure a job. Costs for work boots, uniforms, tools, etc.
  • Education
    Registration fees for programs like GED preparation, vocational trainings, and other learning opportunities.
  • Documentation
    Items such as New York State ID, social security cards, birth certificates, etc.



Providing for your family is key to being a good father and LIFI is here to ensure you have the support you need to secure and hold down a solid job.

Your case manager will work with employment services to find the right part-time or full-time position for you, while also working with you to build your skills and self-confidence in résumé building, budgeting and job readiness training.

The economic stability program focuses on job assessment, résumé building, job preparation, financial literacy, assistance with job search, and referrals to job training and education programs.

Through one-on-one coaching, we can help you identify your job-related strengths and improve your prospects by updating core job search and financial skills. Participants are also eligible for job training referrals, and education programs are available.



LIFI offers a variety of other employment services to help you prepare for and secure gainful employment.

We provide job readiness and employment-related materials to our clients and help you leverage existing workforce development programs in your county.

Our team will also coordinate with employment services such as One-Stop Employment Center, Express Employment Professionals, and Career Couture Boutique to get you the help you need.

Once you've got a job, the help doesn't stop. We provide post-employment supports such as transportation aid to help newly employed fathers get to and from work on time and ongoing budget advice to help you maintain financial stability.

  • Educational Services
    We’ll help you obtain needed high school equivalency (HSE) credentials and/or sign-up for English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.
  • Vocational Training
    Attend college or local vocational training programs that impart marketable job skills and lead to roles such as licensed commercial driver, security staffer, and barber.
  • Job Search Help
    Helping fathers learn about and access effective job search tools and forums, including local labor postings through the NY State Job Bank.
  • Soft Skill Training
    Sitting with fathers to co-create targeted résumés, cover letters, and professional email accounts. Also role-playing to build interview skills and higher confidence among participating fathers.
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