The Long Island Fatherhood Initiative (LIFI) is a community-level program of the Retreat Inc, a nonprofit organization that has offered shelter, counseling, advocacy, and supportive services to victims of domestic violence since 1987.

The LIFI program is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Family Assistance (OFA).

A major emphasis of the program is to enhance economic stability, responsible parenting, and healthy relationships that will provide positive outcomes for fathers and youth.



The mission of the Long Island Fatherhood Initiative (LIFI) program is to empower men to foster responsible fatherhood by providing evidence-based, skill-building workshops/groups, education, case management, and coaching on healthy relationships, responsible parenting, and economic stability.

This program helps fathers improve their parenting abilities, confidence, and relationships (especially personal ones) so they may connect with their partners and children more meaningfully.

The goal is to help fathers recognize their strengths and overcome obstacles that can prevent them from being the most effective and nurturing parent possible.



The goal of the program is to assist low-income, at-risk fathers to prevent incidences of family/domestic violence and overcome challenges that inhibit them from being a responsible father to their children and positive support to their intimate partner/wives.

The Long Island Fatherhood Initiative engages clients proactively and inspires them to participate in a series of catalytic skill building, group and individual activities designed to leverage and activate their strengths. 

The majority of the men in our program are facing unemployment and/or living below poverty level and have some type of involvement with the criminal justice system. Most of them are struggling with:

  • Relationship Skills
    Developing and/or maintaining healthy relationships with their children and their intimate partner/wives
  • Parenting Skills
    Learning how to parent or co-parent effectively
  • Economoic Stabillity
    Being able to support themselves and their families financially

Program Goals

  • Increase men’s knowledge and strategies for making healthy relationship decisions
  • Adjust/fine tune expectations for marriage and long term relationships
  • Reduce inter-partner and family violence
  • Increase positive connection between participants and their children (biological or other children in the environment)
  • Improve the quality of men’s co-parenting relationships
  • Improve parenting skills
  • Increase employment opportunities
  • Increase the economic stability for families
  • Decrease frequency of repeat criminal offenses



The Long Island Fatherhood Initiative is supported by its parent organization, The Retreat, Inc.

The Retreat is a safe haven for families in crisis. Since 1987, they have been providing domestic violence and sexual assault services along with education to families, friends and neighbors in Suffolk County.

At the Retreat professionals and trained volunteers give clients the opportunity to safely heal and reestablish their lives, free from violence.

Services include a 24/7 domestic violence crisis hotline, individual and group counseling, legal advocacy, a residential shelter for adults and children, and violence prevention and education programs for children, teenagers and adults, taught in local schools and community-wide.

All services are free and confidential.

Get Involved

Be a part of the solution. Spread awareness and education, donate to your local domestic violence agency, raise money through special events, instead of gifts ask for charitable donations, volunteer your time or your resources, and, perhaps most importantly, listen to help a friend who is being abused.



We understand where you’re coming from. Many of us come from families or have been in situations just like yours. That’s why we’ve designed LIFI to be a support system with fathers of all ages and walks of life that are there for each other when things get tough. 

From top to bottom, our staff is compassionate, caring and devoted to helping you become the best dad you can be.

Loretta Davis, Esq.

Executive Director [email protected]

MariBeth Klucina

Director of Finance [email protected]

Romarie McCue

Program Director [email protected]

Diane Saunders

Program Coordinator [email protected]

Bruce Pretrucci

Prevention Specialist [email protected]

Stanley Decatrel

Prevention Educator [email protected]

Salvatore LaGatutta

Prevention Educator [email protected]

Alana Muench

Case Manager
[email protected]reatinc.org

Carly Gottfried

Case Manager
[email protected]

Nadia Napolitano

Data Management Specialist [email protected]
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