Due to large cuts in government funding in recent years, 50 percent of the budgeted income for our organization must be raised via contributions from donors like you. LIFI and The Retreat accept donations of any kind and all donated funds will be used to directly help abuse victims. Here's how you can donate:

  • Cash Gifts
  • Matching Gifts
  • Bequests
  • Memorials & Tributes
  • Life Insurance
  • Planned & Legacy Giving



The Long Island Fatherhood Initiative (LIFI) is a program of the Retreat Inc., an organization which provides essential services to help and support individuals in need.

Now more than ever, we need your support to continue our mission of building strong families, helping fathers and preventing family and domestic violence.

Whether you can support our efforts financially, through getting involved with volunteering or by partnering with our organization, you'll be helping better the lives of countless fathers, children and families throughout the Long Island area.



They say it takes a village to raise a child, and at Long Island Fatherhood Initiative, we believe that idea of collaboration and support also extends to shaping great fathers.

We know that helping dads learn to be present, ready and capable of navigate the challenges of parenting often takes more than just the services we offer.

That’s why we work with many great organizations throughout the Long Island and New York City areas to get our dads the help they need — whether it be addiction treatment, mental health services, legal advice or other social services.

If you represent an organization in our area and would like to learn more about how we can help your clients, please contact our program director, Romarie McCue by calling (631) 761-8518 or drop us a line by clicking below.


Here are some of the great organizations we work with on regular basis:


The are many way to help out with LIFI and The Retreat. Here are some of the many roles where we can accommodate volunteers:

  • Volunteer
  • Administration
  • Hotline
  • Shelter
  • Thrift Shop
  • Speaker Bureau
  • Fundraising
  • Education



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