get to where you need to be.

Actively participating in our programs is the key to your success with LIFI. Thus, we can provide support through transportation assistance — such as MetroCards, bus passes and gas cards — to help you get to workshops, case management appointments, employment-related needs, health needs (e.g doctor appointments), child visitation, court appointments and more.



Providing for your family is key to being a good father and LIFI is here to ensure you have the economic stability support you need to secure and hold down a solid job.

Your case manager will work with employment services to find the right part-time or full-time position for you, while also working with you to build your skills and self-confidence in résumé building, budgeting and job readiness training.

While you’re in our program, we can also help with costs related to getting you back on your feet. We provide financial participation support for items needed for economic stability such as: job-related clothing, education fees, and identification/document costs (see right). 

  • Clothing
    Attire for interviews and work-related activities once you secure a job. Costs for work boots, uniforms, tools, etc.
  • Education
    Registration fees for programs like GED preparation, vocational trainings, and other learning opportunities.
  • Documentation
    Items such as New York State ID, social security cards, birth certificates, etc.
  • Skills practice
    Help graduates hone the techniques that they have learned in class.
  • A Safe Outlet
    Give fathers a safe and judgement-free space to discuss fatherhood.
  • Provide Camaraderie
    Meet and connect with other fathers in similar situations.
  • Stress Management
    Offer advice and tactics for dealing with stress and conflict resolution.



The Long Island Fatherhood Initiative Peer Mentoring Program works to further assist fathers that are engaged in any of our programs. We will provide peer support for you throughout the duration and beyond your involvement with LIFI. 

Our groups aim to provide an open, caring and trusting environment while establishing relationships that will last a lifetime.

These sessions foster opportunities for breakthroughs in self-respect, leadership, creativity, and relationships. They are a great way for post-program participants to achieve tangible personal and educational goals while working toward a common goal of becoming the best fathers that they can be.

These groups work with fathers that wish to advance their skills and are designed to:

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